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Your grocery delivery service

We focus on bringing you the best quality grocery and more from your local favorites. We connect you with local providers on our online marketplace platform where you can find a wide range of products and have them delivered to your doorstep. You may choose same day delivery or next day delivery. Take the hassle out of in-market shopping and save the time to enjoy with your loved ones.

Support the locals

Get fresh organic produce to fill your pantry with high quality ingredients from your locals. You may also find variety of our farm subscription boxes offering the best locally grown produce. With us, you will find everthing from fresh meat, dairy, seafood, bakery, beverages and more to household essentials, health and beauty, and personal care.

What makes us stand out

We offer a long distance delivery within 40 miles, further than any other grocery delivery service on the planet.
The recurring order option allows you to select the delivery frequency of your favorites. You may update your preferences any time to suit your schedule.
Our system is pushing the boundaries by offering a real multi-store delivery option unlike any other online marketplace. You may order from multiple grocery stores as well as single store.


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